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Innovation & Product Development

MBA 754A



Project Challenge (2009)


We are in the midst of a revolution in communication technologies and applications.  We all participate in various social networks, whether they be face-to-face or within the electronic world.  The way we communicate as individuals is evolving.  This complex and dynamic environment presents several new opportunities for innovation. 


Teams will develop new products and/or services targeted at one of the following opportunities involving mobile communication devices. How might the consumer experience involving the purchase process be improved?  How might the consumer’s usage experience be improved?  How might the consumer’s ownership experience be improved? 


In addition to selecting one of these opportunities, teams will direct their development efforts towards either the youth market (consumers under 25 years of age) or elderly market (consumers over 65 years of age). 


Nokia Evaluation Form


Evaluation Form (doc)


Team Project Pitches  (Please evaluate projects by end of Fri, Oct 2)


1.  Vitality (narrated pptx; play in slideshow mode)

2.  Clear Communicator (ppt)

3.  Phone Lab (YouTube video clip ~2.5min)

4.  Life Locket (ppt)

5.  SITOA (ppt)

6.  Family Tree (Vimeo video clip ~2min)

7.  DualCam (ppt)

8.  Securicell (narrated pptx; play in slideshow mode)

9.  Xtend (ppt)

10. USB Phone (wmv video clip ~1min)

11. Gossip (ppt)

12. Renaissance (mov video clip ~3min)

13. Start a Conversation (YouTube video clip ~3.5min)

14. Promise (narrated ppt; play in slideshow mode)

15. Nokia device (pptx)

16. G Series (pptx)

Please email (or fax) evaluations to:

Professor Barry Bayus;; (919) 962-7186


Thank you!