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Working papers

Dynamic Adjustment Speed of CEO Incentives and Firm Performance” with Zhonglan Dai and Weining Zhang, March 2019.

“Measuring Bank Comovement Transparency,” with Jason Chen and Chris Williams, (under revision May 2019). Link to earlier draft

The influence of short sellers on negative press coverage and price discovery,” with Jedson Pinto, February 2019.

“The Influence of Loan Officers on Debt Contract Design and Performance,” with Janet Gao, Joseph Pacelli and Xiumin Martin, (under revision May 2019)

Can Implied Volatility Comovements Capture More Than Volatility Risk? Evidence from Insider Trades and Aggregate Equity Returns Trades,” with Vivek Ravel and Sean Wang, (May 2019).

Older Working Papers

Governance, Competition and Opportunistic Accounting Choices by Banks, with Susie Wang and Christopher Williams, may 2017.

Bank Incentives, Credit Market Discipline and Firm Performance in China, with Qi Chen, Kun Wang and Xing Xiao, July 2013.

Investment Cash Flow Sensitivities Really Reflect Related Investment Decisions, with Abbie Smith and Frank Zhang, May 2012.

Implied Bond Liquidity, with Ahn Le and Florin Vasvari, January 2010.

Does secondary loan market trading destroy lenders' incentives?, with Regina Wittenberg-Moerman, November 2009.