Curriculum Vitae




Edward Dickersin Van Wesep
Assistant Professor of Finance

Kenan-Flagler Business School
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Campus Box 3490, McColl Building
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3490

voice:  (919) 360-9689        fax: (919) 962-2068
email: vanwesep at unc dot edu

Office: Room 4110, McColl Building
Hours: By Appointment

Research Interests

  • Mechanism design
  • Compensation and contracting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Labor Economics

Current Research (as of March 13, 2013)


Published/Forthcoming Papers

(1) Pay (Be)for(e) Performance: The Signing Bonus as an Incentive device (SSRN Version)

      Review of Financial Studies, 2010

      Conference presentations: ASSA (2009); Revelstoke Finance Summit (2009)


(2) Defensive Politics (SSRN Version)

      Public Choice, 2012


(3) Publicizing Performance (SSRN Version)

      with Günter Strobl

      Management Science (Forthcoming)

      Conference presentations: EFA (2011)


(4) Connecting Two Markets: An Equilibrium Framework for Shorts, Longs and Stock Loans (SSRN Version)

      with Jesse Blocher and Adam Reed

      Journal of Financial Economics (Forthcoming)

      Conference presentations: WFA (2011); FMA Europe (2012)


(5) The Timing of Pay (SSRN Version)

      with Christopher Parsons

      Journal of Financial Economics (Forthcoming)

      Conference presentations: NBER Summer Institute (2011); WFA (2011); Revelstoke Finance Summit (2011); Society of Labor Economists (2012)


(6) The Idealized Electoral College Voting Mechanism and Shareholder Power (SSRN Version)

      Journal of Financial Economics (Forthcoming)

      Conference presentations: ASSA (2013)


(7) The Prevention of Excess Managerial Risk Taking (SSRN Version)

      with Sean Wang

      (previously titled “Severance Pay, Empire Building, and the Prevention of Managerial Shenanigans”)

      Journal of Corporate Finance (Forthcoming)

      Conference presentations: EFA (2008); Southern Finance Association Annual Meeting (2008); ASSA (2009)


Working Papers


(8) Anchoring and the Cost of Capital (SSRN Version)

      with Casey Dougal, Joey Engelberg, and Christopher Parsons

      Conference presentations: NBER Corporate Finance Spring Meeting (2011); SFS Cavalcade (2011); People and Money (2011)


(9) The Option to Quit: The Effect of Employee Stock Options on Turnover (SSRN Version)

      with Serdar Aldatmaz and Paige Ouimet

      Conference presentations: WFA (2012); FIRS (2012)


(10) Learning Without Losing Confidence: Evidence from US College Debaters

        with Jonathan Meer


(12) The Quality of Expertise (SSRN Version)



Work in Progress


(11) Using Student Grades to Grade Teachers

        with Alex Edmans and Christopher Parsons