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MBA850A: New Urbanism, Smart Growth & Sustainable Community Development

Sustainable Enterprise (Elective)

U.S. communities are experiencing a host of social, economic, and environmental problems associated with sprawl—uncontrolled and unregulated residential and commercial growth and development beyond the legal limits of cities. This course considers the impact of these challenges on an increasingly aging and diverse population.
To accommodate the dramatic demographic changes occurring in both rural and urban communities, major modifications are required in commercial, residential, and public sector buildings, infrastructure and open spaces. Considering the kinds of age-related challenges older adults face, communities need to be designed in ways that substantially reduce the likelihood of costly and life-threatening injury, increase the ability for social and civic engagement, and improve access to services and supports.
Course content will focus on how to make our communities age-friendly and livable for all, incorporating different managed growth strategies, including new urbanism, smart growth, and sustainable community development. Through assigned readings, lectures, case analyses, class discussions, and student presentations we will critically evaluate the veracity of efforts to manage growth. You will be afforded an opportunity—working in teams--to evaluate the utility of these principles in real world contexts.

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James Johnson
001 Module IV
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